The British Reindeer Herders Association is a non profit making organisation which has been set up by British reindeer owners to advance, educate and promote the welfare, husbandry and knowledge of reindeer kept in the UK, to owners, prospective owners and the general public including veterinary colleges and zoos. 

The organisation also works and liaises with other Reindeer Herder Associations, Educational organisations and research facilities, around the world, to ensure best practice in the keeping and husbandry of the reindeer and their welfare in the UK.  


  • Members must comply with the following Code of Conduct (in no particular order of importance) 
  • Maintain herd to the British Reindeer Herders' Association (BRHA) welfare standard and comply with all welfare and government regulations 
  • Never keep/house on holding or long terms display, reindeer in groups of less than 2 unless for medical or safety reasons 
  • Have both Employers and Public Liability insurance permanently in place 
  • Be registered at a local veterinary practice for large animals and have as a minimum an annual herd inspection 
  • Have premises registered with local Environmental Health and Defra (or it's direct replacement). 
  • Have herd and holding numbers 
  • Have a transporter's licence and follow all national recommendations with regard to animal transportation 
  • Maintain any vehicles including trailers used for the transport of Reindeer to UK standard and fully insured 
  • Have Certificate of Registration for performing animals (where required) 
  • Have written risk assessments and method statements for all events 
  • Have both human and animal first aid kits with all animals, when on display and/or when transported 
  • To provide full names and addresses of owners either on literature or signage when animals are on public display 
  • Only allow use of the BRHA name, membership number and logo and any reference to it, whilst a fully paid member of the BRHA. 
  • Not allow reindeer and other farm animals to mix (particularly sheep). 
  • Not allow reindeer and wild deer to mix 
  • Allow access to animals and property for inspection purposes by officers of the BRHA. 
  • Not permit the integrity of the BRHA to be slandered or devalued in any way. 
  • Not display injured or diseased animals to the public and remove from public display any that are as soon as possible 
  • Not allow female reindeer to be used as beast of burden or sleigh pullers. 
  • Not allow reindeer to be ridden. 
  • Not allow reindeer to be transported when in soft antler or heavily pregnant unless medically required or in cases of animal welfare issues. 
  • Not allow intact male deer over 12 months of age to be on public display during the "rutting" season. 
  • Not publicly display reindeer calves under 48 hours old.
  • Not drug animals on display. 
  • Ensure regular worm counts and treatments are carried out. 
  • Ensure that pasture and paddocks are rotated and that they have sufficient room for animal density. 


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