1. The Association shall be known and referred to in this constitution as the BRHA. 

2. The BRHA was established 2014 and incorporated in 2017

3. The BRHA is a non profit making organisation

4. The BRHA's registered office is   

5. The BRHA has the following mission statement 


The British Reindeer Herders Association is a non profit making organisation which has been set up by British reindeer owners to advance, educate and promote the welfare, husbandry and knowledge of reindeer kept in the UK, to owners, prospective owners and the general public including veterinary colleges and zoos. 

The organisation also works and liaises with other Reindeer Herder Associations, Educational organisations and research facilities, around the world, to ensure best practice in the keeping and husbandry of the reindeer and their welfare in the UK. 


6. The BRHA shall have the following objectives: A) To educate and advance the public knowledge of reindeers B) To ensure that no reindeers are kept in Britain for slaughtering for food for human consumption. C) Conservation of reindeer D) To ensure that all reindeer owners who join the BRHA comply with national welfare standards and the Association's Code of Conduct. E) To provide interested people with information about reindeer and to promote new interest in the reindeer wherever possible to attract new owners. F) To ensure the well being of the animals by advising on development of healthy herds and good husbandry practice. G) To assist members to embark on responsisble reindeer business opportunities. H) To help educate and develop skills needed to enhance the abilities and knowledge of members of the BRHA including sharing all relevant DEFRA and regulatory matters I) To promote consultations with relevant organisations to raise issues of concern or relevance about reindeer health and welfare. J) To foster better understanding with all international reindeer communities. 


7. Full membership of the Association is open to anyone who owns reindeer, or any organisation or company e.g., zoo etc., who deal with reindeer on a daily basis. Admission to membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. 

8. The Executive Committee shall, at its discretion, admit as an Associate of the BRHA, any organisation that does not own or deal with reindeer on a daily basis, but which is otherwise interested in reindeer e.g., vets etc.

9. Members of the Association will be entitled to access the members' only section of the website which will detail any up to date information from relevant organisations such as DEFRA etc., regarding reindeer and best practice as well as husbandry information. 

10. Members of the BRHA are entitled to attend, speak and vote at membership of the Assocation. 

11. When membership is for more than one person, (e.g., family, association, or any other entity) all persons may attend or speak at the meeting but only one vote may be cast for each membership number. 

12. Associates shall be entitled to receive most publications and other literature including access to the membership only part of the website, and be entitled to participate in the affairs of the BRHA as decided by the Executive Committee. 

13. The Chief Executive and Executive Committee may at their discretion establish other classes of membership. 

14. Annual membership fees of the above shall be set at the discretion of the Executive Committee

15. Date of membership is 1st of April to the 31st of March. No reduction of fees is applicable if members/associate members join the BRHA during this period.

16. Only current members of the BRHA are able to display and use the BRHA Logo. 


17. Membership shall terminate at the end of the BRHA year. Reminders for renewals will be sent 30 days prior to this and if membership has not been renewed within 30 days of year end, they will be removed from membership listings. 18. If members of the BRHA do not comply with the Code of Conduct, the Executive Committee shall give 28 days notice to a member for compliance and may also ask the regional executive committee member to visit the member in relation to compliance. If compliance with the Code of Conduct is not carried out, the Executive Committee reserve the right to withdraw membership for the member concerned. In such instances, no refund of membership is applicable for the un-used period. 


19. The start of the BRHA year is   1st April to the 31st of March

20. All funds will be deposited in bank account/s in the name of the BRHA and shall be withdrawn only by cheque or BACS transfer on signed order of the Charman, Vice Chairman or Treasurer.

21. An annual audit of the accounts of the BRHA shall take place by independent accountants and a copy will be made available if requested to members of the BRHA. 


22. An annual meeting will be held at year end at such a place as to be agreed by Executive Committee. 

23. An extraordinary meeting may be called at any time that the Chief Executive may decide and notice of this will be emailed to members giving 28 days' notice. 


24. The affairs of the BRHA shall be directed by an Executive Committee comprising: 

a) Six members elected on a regional basis, each member serving for a three year term 

b) A member of the Executive Committee shall cease to be a member if he/she ceases to work with reindeer on a day to day basis, or resigns from the Executive Committee. 

c) Each member of the executive committee shall have one vote and the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote in the event of equality 

The Executive Committee shall elect a Chairman to hold office for a term of three years and also elect a Vice Chairman. In the event of the Chairman or Vice Chairman resigning or ceasing to be a member of the Executive Committee, the Committee shall have the power to elect a replacement to serve for the remainder of the three year term. 

The Executive Committee may establish and maintain sub-committees and project groups and may delegate matters to them. 


These may be amended by the BRHA provided that at least 75% of the members present at the meeting vote in favour of amendments of which prior notice has been given. 


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